A group of passionate artists

building community through tea, food, and music

Cloud Pine Tea + Culture is a teahouse-restaurant located in downtown Milwaukie, OR. At Cloud Pine, you can enjoy loose leaf tea, herbal infusion, specialty bowls, dim sum, live music, and cultural classes. It is also possible to experience a traditional tea ceremony with our proprietor Emily Lau. As passionate advocates for tea culture and community-building, Emily and her team are committed to building a warm, mindful, and enjoyable environment in which guests can learn about traditional tea culture, and make discoveries in foods, drinks, art, health, and make friends along the way.

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Emily Lau (proprietor-owner, she/her): Emily Lau is an award-winning musician, composer, community-builder, chef, and tea-master. (www.emily-lau.com). Before she opened Cloud Pine, she had been hosting dinners, festivals, tea-tasting at her home for over a decade, introducing Chinese food, tea, and cultural knowledge to her friends and family in the USA. Born to a food, tea, and health-centric family of Han and Hakka Chinese artists and laborers, Emily is fascinated by how cultures interact and transforms over time. Emily travels the world for inspiration in cuisine and music, and visits mainland China at least once a year to keep up with current trends, source the best tea, and soak in the breathtaking scenery. Cloud Pine is a gathering place for all of Emily's various interests and communities, and is home to many treasured art work made by local artists who work with her on a regular basis. 


Jesse Ehrenberg (tea house manager, chef, tea-server, they/them): Jesse is a scholar, musician, pastry chef, nature-lover, and people-lover who is particularly skilled in choosing and brewing the perfect cup of tea for your current mood and health condition. When not at the tea house, they enthusiastically invent new recipes for their friends. They also enjoy reading and learning about how history and worldview develops and intertwines with food and culture. If you are lucky, you might get to hear Jesse make music during your time here at Cloud Pine.

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Mykal Kelly (chef and food culture apprentice, he/him): Mykal brings his passion in world culture, food, music, and many years of kitchen experience to Cloud Pine. If you are lucky enough to get him chatting, Mykal might just be the most charming and personable scholar of race, ethnicity, and cultural anthropology you'll ever meet!