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Currently (May 2023), we have the following fine tea at our Milwaukie tea house. This list changes frequently. We also have a variety of handcrafted teaware for everyday and formal uses.

White Tea
Organic White Peony 

Green Tea
Bi Luo Chun
Jasmine Green
Lu An Gua Pian | Melon Seed Green 
Japanese Genmaicha 

Big Red Robe | Da Hong Pao
Phoenix Dancong
Shui Xian | Water Fairies 
Tie Guan Yin | Iron Lady
Taiwanese Milk Oolong 
Taiwanese Oolong

Black Tea 
Organic Jinxan Sucong
Lapsang Sucong
Yellow Flower Aged Fu Cha

20-year aged Raw Puer (Sheng Pu) Xisuangbanna
15-year aged Raw Puer (Sheng Pu) Meng Hai
12-year afed Raw Puer (Sheng Pu) Meng Hai
10-year aged Cooked Puer (Shu Pu) 

Speciality Puer tea cakes are sold by special order only 

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